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Commercial Success Poster small.jpg
Commercial Success

Executive Producer: Stephen Blackmon

Commercial Success is an unscripted competition show for filmmakers and production teams. Our teams compete to create the best TV commercials for varying businesses. We will see who's the best and who's ready to rise in the film and television industry to greatness!

Fork It Poster copy small.jpg
Fork It!

Executive Producer: Stephen Blackmon

Fork It! is our hilarious sketch comedy show. Season one is done shooting and we are finishing it up in post production now. It will be headed to our streaming service partners early in 2025.

We are currently accepting auditions for primary cast for season 2. Now, the competition is higher, and the scenes will need to be even funnier as all cities compete for the best sketches.

In person auditions will be held at our next Atlanta event. Video auditions may be submitted directly or by youtube or vimeo clip (along with a headshot and contact info) to

Platinum Models Atlanta Poster Beach copy.jpg
Platinum Models Atlanta

Executive Producer: Stephen Blackmon

Platinum Models Atlanta is available on Amazon Prime, TUBI, XUMO, Momentum, Nuclear Home Video and others.  Check out the trailer below: 

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