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High Stakes Game

What would you gamble to save the one you love?

Director: Stephen Blackmon

This ensemble crime suspense film tells the story of nice, Christian, suburban wife Kelli Wright. Kelly’s desperation led her to a unique high stakes poker game, where they gamble a lot more than just money. She attempts to borrow money for a medical procedure to save her husband’s life, but a crazy, charismatic local gangster named House seduces her into gambling far more than she’d ever imagined. There are plenty of secrets, Indecent-Proposal-style challenges and twists to keep you guessing. And for those who choose to look deeper there's even more at play.​
Now available on Amazon Prime.

Sad, Mad, Glad

Emotions Can Be Complicated.

Director: David Velick

​A new phenomenon sweeps the world, but Eian remains clueless until the love of his life, Madison, dumps him. He splits into three extremely emotional versions of himself. Thus, falling victim to the strange phenomenon facing men around the globe. Eian must confront his emotional selves in order to regain his lost love.


You can see the film here:


A Collection of Edgar Allan Poe Stories & Other Urban Legends

Director: Ignacio Arreola-Vidal

​Step into the darkness with this collection of horror stories from one of the masters of American literature. 

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