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The Forkshop strives to be an extraordinary resource for those looking to advance their career in acting, or just have a blast trying something new.  For those interested in trying acting as a hobby, or fun activity for the night,  come out and join us at a New Single Event. For those interested in developing their skills and moving forward with acting as a career, consider joining our acting practicum:

Acting Practicum

Most legitimate professional Hollywood agencies want their potential clients to have extensive experience before they will sign them, (some requiring up to 25 IMDb credits before they’ll even take a meeting), much less consider representation. In other words, you need experience to gain experience. Short films can take months to produce and afterwards, and often don't go anywhere. But the Forkshop has a streamlined system set in place to write, shoot, edit and distribute short films within weeks. We are shooting six short films over the course of the summer. For a small fee to cover expenses, you can come gain the experience, reel footage and IMDb credits you’ll need to stand out in this saturated market, and get your face out there. Our projects not only go to film festivals, but they go onto major streaming service platforms. Select a level of involvement below, and make the industry see you.

  • The Platinum (or Bob DeNiro) Package - $750/mo - We will write you content for a reel and shoot it for you. You'll have access to our acting classes. We will create parts for you in Forkshop projects, and push your career.  

  • The Gold (or Bob Corddry) Package - $150/mo - You act in up to 6 projects for festivals or distribution and we will custom write and shoot a major role to highlight your specific strengths.

  • The Silver (or Bob LaFontaine) Package - $50/mo - You can act in up to 4 projects for film festivals or major streaming service distribution over the summer (number depends on your availability).  

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