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Welcome to the Forkshop, an extraordinary resource for those looking to advance their career in acting, or just have a blast trying something new.  

We have three options for those interested. You can come out to an event and participate. Act. Get a feel for it. 

  • The Platinum (or Bob DeNiro) Package - $750/mo - We will write you content for a reel and shoot it for you. You'll have access to our acting classes. We will create parts for you in Forkshop projects, and push your career.  

  • The Gold (or Bob Corddry) Package - $150/mo - You will have access to our acting classes, and parts in some of our Forkshop shorts. You will be notified of all auditions in Forkshop projects.

  • The Silver (or Bob LaFontaine) Package - $25/mo - You can participate in our Forkshop shorts. As sketches make it into our show Fork It!, you will receive IMDb credits to further your career.  

Register Today!

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